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How to extend your yoga high

You were busy. But you found the time to do your practice, at home or in the studio. You manage to stop for an hour and dedicate that time to look after yourself.

You finished the practice "floating" as usual, feeling centered, calm, connected and relaxed but as soon as you move to your next activity that feeling of relaxation and calmness suddenly disappear and you caught yourself stressed, agitated and anxious again so the first thing that comes to your mind is "I need another Yoga practice".

Several times students have shared with me that they only feel calm and relaxed during the Yoga class and afterwards for a short period of time.

How many of you here feel the same way?

Of course it is great to feel good after the practice but ideally, we want to feel good most of the time rather than just in a few moments in the week isn't it? So how can we extend the post-yoga high after leaving the mat?

There are different ways of doing this and in this post, I’d like to share with you 3 simple ways to start:

1. Check in with your body

Create the habit to check your body. How does your body feel right now while you are reading this post? Any part that calls your attention? Do you feel pain or pleasure?

Be aware and become a witness to how your body is feeling.

2. Check your breathing

Check your breath, how is your breathing right now? Is shallow or deep? Fast or slow? Is it on your chest or abdomen?

Be aware and take 3 conscious breaths down to your abdomen.

3. Check your mind

What are the thoughts running through your mind right now? Is is a positive or negative thought? Be aware and become a witness to your thoughts

These 3 steps you can do in any place while you perform any activity. And by doing them you bring consciousness to the moment and it will help to extend your post-yoga high.

Julio Zavagli

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