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Corporate yoga classes with Julio


Calm your mind. Improve your focus.

The benefits of yoga and meditation in the workplace are no secret. Businesses and organisations are becoming more aware of the strong link between employee wellbeing, and retention rates, absenteeism, productivity levels and outcomes. Yoga and meditation are useful tools for employees to adopt to improve their personal wellbeing and work performance.


Having worked in the corporate sector for 10 years before deciding to pursue my passion for Yoga, I have a deep understanding of how to support corporate clients with my services.


My corporate classes have been curated to blend elements in the practice of yoga together to create accessible and meaningful sessions, suitable for all levels. These elements are:


To help to correct bad physical habits and strengthen and stretch the body. I tailor the posture segment for corporate clients to counteract the effects of desk work.

Breathing techniques

The breath is what connects the body to our mind. As we learn how to breath in a more efficient way the mind is impacted and the result is a calm and clear state.


After the breath work, we transition to a short guided meditation which trains the mind to focus and therefore perform better.


The relaxation integrates all of the above elements and completes the Yoga practice, to leave the class feeling relaxed, centred and revitalised.


Corporate yoga classes can be delivered as a series, or a one-off for an event. These private classes can be experienced face to face or online via video link and are suitable for all levels of ability.


There are two different 1 hour classes available for your team:

Posture and breathing techniques, with meditation and relaxation


For this posture and relaxation class, it would be optimal if every participating employee has a yoga mat and appropriate clothes so they can move freely during the poses.



Breathing techniques, with meditation and relaxation


For this focus and meditation class, no equipment or change of clothes is required. The session can be guided whilst sitting on chairs in a quiet conference room.

Corporate meditation classes with Julio



"Julio is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. His lunch time yoga classes bring zen into our workplace, leaving us refreshed and re-energised. He is always conscious of attendees’ yoga experience and of any existing injuries we may have. We all love his passion for yoga and the variety he brings to our classes. Julio is an excellent instructor and well recommend by all of us at RSM."

- Myles Pover - Manager, RSM Australia 

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