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5 tips to set up a successful home practice during lockdown

If you are living in NSW like I'm you know that we are not getting out of lockdown soon...and I do understand how annoying this could be for you.

We are all managing our frustrations and ups and downs in this crazy roller coaster that started at the end of June. Some people managing drinking loads of alcohol, some over eating others watching a lot of Netflix and TV, others with Yoga and Meditation.

I do believe some people are managing with all the above options and, we are all doing our best to go through these challenging times.

I hope you have some Yoga practice to help you manage your emotions and lower the level of stress that you are experiencing.

I'm writing today to share with you some simple tips that you can do to set up a successful home practice:

  • Schedule a time to your practice: if you are doing live stream classes you do have a time to attend but if this is not your case I strongly recommend to schedule a time in your day to practice Yoga and stick with that time daily, so you lower the chances of forgetting about and miss the practice.

  • Set up your space: ideally have a separate room to practice where you have your essential oils diffuser,(if you don't have one I can help with that), your plants, to put a relaxing music, to be away from any noise or distraction that is happening in other rooms in your house.

  • Ask people to respect your hour: if you live alone you don't have to do this step but if you are like me that I live in a shared house is important to let people know that you are doing your Yoga in the next hour so no one interrupts you half way during your session.

  • Cellphone away: yes sound obvious but the cellphone is one of the main things that could distract you during home practice, put your cellphone in a different room so you don't have the temptation to check your phone in case you receive any notification. Talking about notifications, in my cellphone all the notification are OFF all the time, so is less distraction during my whole day.

  • Date with yourself: take this Yoga time as a date with the most important person in your life: YOURSELF, and give yourself all the support and love that you deserve, be present and be gentle, some days your home practice could feel fabulous and some days could feel that is not doing much for you...Trust me, every time you go to your mat to practice you are getting some benefits, if you are feeling or not they are there.

Remember that we are all together in this lockdown and elevating your energy with Yoga is one of the most effective ways to keep your mind positive.

If you need any guidance with Yoga sessions I know someone that could help. Drop me a message.


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